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At Addicted To Hair we can personally relate to each client's needs and provide a transformation that only hair extensions can offer. Addicted to Hair originated in South Orange County over 14 years ago and has been able to evolve to an amazing level of success.

The Addicted to Hair brand has built it's reputation on quality. Maintaining and continually enhancing that reputation is of the utmost importance for the success of the brand and the Addicted to Hair Certified Professionals who represent it.

Cindy Borella

Addicted to Hair was created by Cindy Borella over 14 years ago. The origin of the company came from Cindy’s passion for beauty, hair and makeup. Today she has reached a level of success that allows her to share her knowledge about hair extensions with others. Cindy is the Master Trainer of the Addicted To Hair Academy and has great passion for training and giving stylists career opportunities.

Cindy has been in business for over 14 years and is an expert at applying human hair extensions. She is at the forefront of the hair extension industry. Market demand and current trends make hair extensions part of our everyday beauty regime. Addicted To Hair Training Academy trains professionals to master techniques and enhance client’s hair, without destroying what they have naturally. Cindy saw both the positive and negative side of extensions – the positive consumer demand and the shortcomings in existing applications resulting in severe damage to clients’ natural hair. The hair extensions industry showed a lack of quality and consistency in work and regulations. This gave Cindy the opportunity to develop an advanced technique that causes no damage whatsoever. The FlatTracs system, used at Addicted to Hair, is based on Cindy’s specific application methods and design.

The Innovative FlatTracs™ System

The FlatTracs system was developed by Cindy herself, it is a unique process that causes no damage to your natural hair. Unlike strand by strand techniques that are bonded or beaded, the FlatTracs are sewn to a thin section of your natural hair in a horseshoe like area. The system is completely flat and undetectable. Although Cindy is certified in most strand by strand methods, her expert experience has allowed her to develop something that is not only easy on the hair and natural looking, but easy on your wallet. Cindy has personally worn the FlatTracs system for several years and prefers it to any other technique.

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