I met Cindy a month ago and had her do my extensions. I have thin hair that took me over an hour every morning to style only to have it fall before I reached work. My extensions have been a lifesaver, I love, love, love them and cannot imagine my life without them now! The color match is perfect. I didn't go too long in length so as to not have a huge transformation, but I will definitely go longer now. Continuous compliments and people looking at me wondering....what's different?? They are amazing. I wish I hadn't waited so long.

The shop is beautiful and for me, 5 minutes from work! An added bonus. :) Don't hesitate. It's amazing.

Carrie T. 10/27/2014
Mission Viejo, CA

NOBODY does it better than Cindy, owner of Addicted to Hair. Color match...AMAZING. Style match...AMAZING. Passion for what she does...AMAZING. Care for her clients...AMAZING. If you've been searching for an absolutely UNDETECTABLE hair extension system that won't break the bank (and one hour or less installation), this is IT! You absolutely will not be disappointed!

Sally M. 10/6/2014
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

little A

CINDY IS THE BEST! If you are looking for someone who knows her stuff, and will make you look your best, who is warm, genuine and amazing, then your search is over! I have been seeing her for years and so happy that she is in her own beautiful new salon now! She is very honest, a true artist, and will do what is best for YOU, not just try to sell you some services you don't need or won't work for you - she is in it to keep you around as a client forever. I am grateful for all she has done for me much can only write a review to help let everyone know about her and what she can do for you, to help you look fabulous! I highly recommend you calling and making your appointment so you can be on your way to looking fab! ;)

Skye B. 10/7/2014
Los Angeles, CA

Cindy is the best! I've been going to her for 6yrs now. I get so many complements on my hair. Her work is amazing. And now that she has opened her own salon and will be personally training her new staff of stylists, I know they will be as amazing as she is. Cindy would not allow anything but perfection. Quality customer service as well. She makes you look beautiful and feel welcomed and special. If you are looking for a wonderful experience, Addicted to Hair is the only place to go.

Gennipher M. 10/7/2014
Perris, CA

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I have always had thin hair that wouldn't grow or hold a style for more than a few hours. I love my extensions from Addicted to Hair! I get compliments all the time and people are very surprised when I tell them I have extensions!! Cindy is amazing!!

Cole W. 10/6/2014
Lake Elsinore, CA

Cindy is absolutely amazing- it might sound silly but she has changed my life! I've been seeing Cindy for over 3 years now and she has changed my frumpy thin hair into full luscious locks, every girls dream! Her hair extensions have given me the confidence I've always wanted. I get compliments on my hair almost daily and when I tell people I have extensions they are shocked with disbelief. Cindys extensions are so natural looking that people will be shocked to know you even have them. Aside from her amazing talent- Cindy is an incredible person she is warm and caring and listens to exactly what you want. I get excited when my appointments come up because I love spending time with her and chatting. I used to drive an hour just to see her and now Cindy has opened her own salon 5 minutes from me and I can't wait to see the new salon! There no doubt in my mind the salon will be just as fabulous as she is. I truly am addicted to hair!

Karen U. 10/14/2014
Newport Coast, CA

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I can't believe how amazing my wife looks after Addicted to Hair. When she told me that she wanted hair extensions I thought she was crazy. But when I saw how she looked after it was an unbelievable difference.

James B. 10/8/2014
Costa Mesa, CA

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